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Best Quality Grey & white back DUPLEX BOARDS

- a prominant duplex boards manufacturer fron Morbi, Gujarat

We offer a wide gamut of duplex board boxes that are appropriate for various kinds of printing jobs. The products are made from a recycled paper which emphasis our green initiative of save trees. Our Best Quality HWC and LWC Duplex Boards are available in reel and sheet form. Offered in both white, gray and white, white duplex boards, these are widely used to create shoe box, cloth box, cereal box, soap box, toothpaste box, industrial and many other consumable product packaging.


All the four Wires i.e. Top Layer, Under Layer, Middle Layer & Bottom Layer are provided with most modern equipments which are energy efficient. Some of the important equipments are H.D. Pulper, L.D. Pulper, H.D. Cleaners, Primary Screens, L.D. Cleaners, Fine Screens, Reject Sorters, Poly Disc Filters, Refiners, Hot Disperser System, Kneaders, etc.

Diyan Papers LLP On-line QCS & DCS System is in line in order to achieve a consistent & uninterrupted quality.

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wide array of utilization make it more in demand product

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