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- A prominent duplex boards manufacturer from Morbi, Gujarat

Diyan papers LLP is a manufacturer of quality paper board products by recycling of waste paper and marketing in domestic and international markets. Established in 2017, was promoted by Uday Group of industries. We are committed to 'Serve Paper Products all over india, consistently providing high quality Papers to Packaging & Printing Industries, The manufacturing unit situated at Sarathanpar Road, Wankar, Morbi, Gujarat in India till Jan- 2018.

The Company has vast resources in terms of assets, technical expertise and technology, Research and Development, plants and state of the art machinery, well equipped laboratories, excellent infrastructure and utilities including water, steam generation, communication, D.M. Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants etc. at all manufacturing locations. The Group has excellent marketing network including highly effective sales team, end users, distributors, storage facility and fast delivery capabilities.

Diyan paper essentially for search of knowledge and driven Organization, a lot of emphasis is laid on new product development, quality improvement and cost cutting methods, thus providing to its clients 'Quality Products with Brilliant Results'. Presently we are focus to all other product for Kraft liner, white back and other board related quality products.

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We have installed a waste disposal and water treatment plant with best in class technologies for care of environment and humen lives surrounding to our manufacturing facility.


Constant research and efforts towards a better product lead us to best quality. with modern manufacturing machines and ERP systems we achive quick delivery model for domestic as well overseas shipment.

vast experience of print-pack industry

Since last 4 decades our generation of hardworking enterprenuers contributed to printing and packaging industry thus it make us more confident about the paper and its quality requirements.

Era of enterprenuership

As stated previously we have advantage of mixed generation conlture. where we respect the experince of our mentors and young team of diyan famility is managing the business efficently.

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The process of manufacturing Kraft paper involves recycling of waste paper and with many organizations, now supporting the Go Green Campaign, it increases the demand of Kraft paper as the same is eco friendly. We have been environmentally conscious and our products have been certified standards.

We always appreciate the quality feedback from our end users so as to fulfill there specific requirement. No wonder, our product quality and service have been highly appreciated by our local and overseas customers.

Vision of the

To be a global leader in paper industry by accelerating growth through operational excellence

Mission of
the promoters

• Profit and growth by pursuing strong business strategies and commitment to quality.

• Process automation and business fortification.

• Leveraging the talents for competitive success.

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Diyan Papers LLP.
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