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Craft Paper

- a prominant duplex boards manufacturer fron Morbi, Gujarat

Our paper product portfolio has been carefully developed in order to provide our customers with the ideal material. Our sustainable Corrugated Case Materials are supplied to the packaging industry for conversion of paper into corrugated board and boxes. Recyclable papers help users of corrugated packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. Corrugated packaging paper has one of the highest recycling rates of all materials – helping to make it a truly sustainable packaging solution. Our different grades of papers go into many different industries such as e-commerce, electronics, automobiles, construction, food manufacturing, stationery and education. All of our products are made from sustainable fibres and 100% recyclable.

Key Features

Water-proof   •   Resistant to tear   •   High strength   •   Smooth surface finish

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wide array of utilization make it more in demand product

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